DC Dance Club Teacher Dance Training Program’s, Assistant Training, and better understanding of Dance to grow as a dancer.  It is appropriate for all levels and no prior teaching experience is required.

DC Dance Club is hiring experienced dance teachers for all dances, please send resume to dance@dcdanceclub.com and call for an interview at 403-228-2646
What you will learn in each session:

  • Learn from the Master of Ballroom – Miro Bartosz over 30 years experience, Master Dancer,
    Master choeographer, Champion Dancer and competitor, over 30 years in Business
    Admired in Calgary, Eastern Canada and The United States, winner of countless awards.
  • Learn the American Bronze Program figures in Ballroom, Latin, and Swing.
  • Learn to lead and follow each figure.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of technique specific to these dances.
  • Musical elements of all dances.
  • How to teach private and group lessons.
  • Grow in your confidence as a dancer.
  • How to assist in group classes.

Become a Better Dancer:

The technical expertise will prepare you one step closer to preparing you for your certification exam and bring your dancing level to an entirely new level.


When you complete one of the DC Dance Teacher Training programs you will receive a certificate of completion from DC Dance Club.  The certificate of completion is different from professional certification.  This is a valuable accomplishment, and it will serve as a credential for your dance resume including being an asset to your career.  The certificate you will receive when you pass your certification exam will able you to attract new students and earn more for your services.

What is a Professional Certification?

Professional certificates are granted to dancers who submit themselves to a standardized exam from a credited organization and who pass that exam satisfactorily.  We base our curriculum on the DVIDA syllabus.

Become a Better Teacher:

The process of preparing for your certification exam will teach you dance concepts you may not have fully understood,  you will improve both your verbal and presentation skills.  You will learn the vocabulary for describing the technical elements of dance figures, you will improve your knowledge of proper alignments and ability to choreograph routines for students.

One Dance at A Time:

Advantage of certifying with DVIDA is that you can take your professional certification exams “one dance at a time”.  For example, the Bronze American Style Ballroom certification includes four dances; Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz.  With other organizations, you would need to study and prepare for all four dances in our exam.  With DVIDA’s exams you have the options of testing in each dance separately, one at a time.  This makes the preparation much easier; you can learn the material more thoroughly.  After successfully completing each dance exam, you receive a “Certification of completion” for that dance, and full certification when you have successfully tested in all of the dances at a particular level.


Attendance; This course is designed to develop dance teachers, therefore a lot of material will be covered at a fairly fast pace, missing too many classes is not advised, as you can easily fall behind. If you do miss a class you can generally arrange to work with one of the other teacher trainees to help you catch up.
You can also schedule a private lesson (for an additional private lesson fee) to make up any work you miss.

Practice: The amount of practice time varies from person to person. Please expect to commit a few hours each week for maximum benefit.  For every one hour taught, use an hour of practice.

Becoming a dance teacher takes time, commitment and dedication.

Shoes: All teacher trainees will be expected to have proper dance shoes. You can purchase dance shoes from DC Dance Club or any dance shoe retailer.

Benefits you will receive as a Trainee: 

  • Free practice time at the studio.
  • Free workshops at the appropriate beginner level.
  • Free admission to group classes at your training level once you have been in the program and able to assist.
  • Assisting with group classes, male and female leads.
  • Great Team environment and support system.
  • A Great Place to work with over 30 years in business experience.
  • A chance to teach, earn money while you are training.
  • Also earn commision on packages.
  • A place to develop your skills.
  • Minimum of one-two Saturday dances per month assisting, cleaning, helping, take down,
    dancing, getting to know the students.


The amount of practice will vary from person to person.  Please expect to commit at least one hour of practice time for every hour you spend in class.

Tuition:  Deposit of $600 for registration and to insure your position.
Full Details please email or call 403-228-2646

**Remember – Earn money teaching as a teacher in training while you are learning.
Limited Registration for each session. – Semi private lessons
Registration and deposit required for all sessions, guarantees your space in class.

Tuesday evenings/Friday evenings

Ballroom Sesson *** Note Start date Saturday April 22nd – July 14th  2017 Pre-registration only/Pre-Audition only.
Tuesday’s 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday’s 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Cost – Please inquire at DC, limited space, small classes, book today.

*prices are subject to change without notice.

*There are no refunds on our courses, teacher training, workshops, private lessons, or other pre-registered classes.  Your registration and payment guarantees your space in class/private lesson and also controls the class size.  Due to popularity of time slots and courses, any missed classes CANNOT be made up in another time slot.  Classes are also non-transferable.

To register please call 403-228-2646
Contact us at dance@dcdanceclub.com

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Top 10 Characteristic’s of a Successful Dance Teacher

1. Patience
2. Passionate
3. Outgoing
4. Organized
5. Well groomed
6. Love to learn
7. Creative
8. People oriented
9. Fitness and well being
10. Self Control

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